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Edwards GV400 Dry Claw Vacuum Pump Rebuilt, Refurbished .

Edwards is a market leader in dry pump technology and has pioneered the use of dry vacuum in some of the harshest applications. The IDX uses the very latest in double ended screw pumping technology, whilst the GV and GVM ranges utilize a reverse claw mechanism, proven over more than 10 years and 100,000 installations worldwide.

Ideal Vacuum | NEW BOC Edwards XDS10 XDS-10 Oil Free Dry .

The Edwards XDS-10 oil-free dry scroll vacuum pump series is currently being discontinued and has limited quantities and availability. The replacement for this dry scroll pump is the NEW Edwards nXDS-10i which boasts the following improvements over the discontinued XDS 10:

Edwards XDS10, XDS5, Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump, Users Manual

The XDS pump is a dry vacuum pump, as all the bearings, with their hydrocarbon lubricant, are isolated from the vacuum space. The inlet of the pump is fitted with a removable inlet strainer which prevents the entry of debris into the pump. The pump mechanism is driven directly by a single-phase or three-phase electric motor. Single-phase


Edwards nXDS Dry Scroll pump provides excellent vacuum levels, vapour pumping capability while been quiet and offering ultra-low maintenance intervals that even the customer can carry out. Overall it provides superior performance and reliability together with very low running .

Edwards iH Dry Pumping Systems, iH80, iH600, iH1000

Compressors and Vacuum Pumps - Safety Requirements, Part 2: Vacuum Pumps. . ^&% BOC EDWARDS. A533-50-880 Issue D Setup Password iH Dry Pumping Systems - Setup Password . 1.5 The HCDP dry pump 1-5 1.6 The HCDP gas system 1-5 1.7 The HCMB mechanical booster pump (iH600/iH1000 only) 1-6

Semiconductor Dry Pumps - Edwards

The Edwards EPX high vacuum dry pumps offer on-tool pumping in a lighter and smaller package, requiring only 1.4 kW of power. Using a unique, patented, single-shaft regenerative/Holweck� stage mechanism, EPX series pumps are capable of pumping from atmosphere to ultimate pressures with no risk of process contamination.

Edwards Presents XDD1 Diaphragm Pumps presented by David .

Oct 02, 2019 · Edwards XDD1 Dry Diaphragm Pumps the ultimate dry choice in high ultimate vacuum and fast pump down.


Edwards nXDS Dry Scroll pump provides excellent vacuum levels, vapour pumping capability while been quiet and offering ultra-low maintenance intervals that even the customer can carry out. Overall it provides superior performance and reliability together with very low running and maintenance costs.

Dry Pumps: Screw Type - Vacuum Furnace Engineering .

Fig. 4 | High-capacity double-ended variable-pitch screw (courtesy of Edwards Vacuum) Pump Seal. The dry screw pump is designed with very tight clearance between the meshing rotors and between the rotors and the housing. The screws rotate at high .

Our Products - Edwards Vacuum

Edwards Vacuum homepage Choose your region. Talk to us. Service Solutions. Our Products. Our Markets. Careers. About Edwards. . Semiconductor Dry Pumps. Turbomolecular Pumps. Ultra High Vacuum Pumps. Diffusion Pumps. Oil Sealed Pumps. Mechanical Booster Pumps. Measurement, Control & Leak detection.

Vacuum - Edwards Dry Vacuum Pump - The Trout Underground

Model DP40, Displacement 62.4 m3h-1/ 36.7 ft3min-1, Supply Voltage 208/ 460 VAC 3PH, RPM 3450, Inlet Connection ISO 40, Outlet Connection NW 40, Max Outlet. more BOC Edwards L70 Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump (2851)

Edwards GXS450 Industrial Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - NEW

Edwards GXS range incorporates our unique screw technology with a world leading high efficiency drive to achieve excellent vacuum performance and low running costs. With advanced temperature control, low maintenance and long service intervals, the GXS is .


EDC DRY CLAW VACUUM PUMPS EDC Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps Open the catalog to page 1 INNOVATION AND RELIABILITY Edwards EDC range is a new generation of robust single stage dry claw vacuum pumps The new range of our EDC dry claw pumps features an innovative design which creates a new benchmark in the claw pump market.

Edwards nXDS - the great new shape of dry vacuum pumping .

May 10, 2012 · Edwards, a leading innovator in vacuum pump technology, is proud to present the new nXDS dry scroll pump range. With exceptional pumping capability, ultimate vacuum .

nXRi Dry Vacuum Pump - Edwards

Edwards has revolutionised the vacuum pump market with the new nXRi high performance, compact dry pump. It delivers unrivalled pumping speeds in the most compact package, with pumping speeds of .

Edwards - Edwards Vacuum

Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement solutions and related value-added services. Our products are integral to manufacturing processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells; are used within an increasingly diverse range of industrial processes including power, glass and other coating applications, steel and other .

Ideal Vacuum | Edwards nXDS10i Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum .

Ideal Vacuum Products is now selling the new Edwards nXDS series pumps! This new nXDS10i dry scroll pump range from Edwards has exceptional pumping capability, ultimate vacuum performance and state-of-the-art design features. The Edwards nXDS10i is the best performing pump in its class. The nXDS10i is up to 20 times quieter than other pumps.

EDP Chemical Dry Pumps - Edwards Vacuum

The EDP vacuum pump is temperature controlled for optimised operating conditions - hot for corrosive applications and cool for other gases. Edwards' patented design for a short gas path eliminates particulate build-up and corrosion within the pump, giving you reliable performance, year after year.

Dry Scroll Pumps - Edwards Vacuum

XDS dry scroll pumps have become industry standard when dry pumping is essential, proving to be a robust and clean vacuum pump solution in a range of applications. Now, a combination of the patented double start scroll form technology and by-pass valves have enabled Edwards to offer the XDS35i Enhanced range of pumps to complement our original .

Edwards Presents: Vacuum System Design & Installation .

Jul 01, 2020 · In the final webinar of our three-part series, we'll take a close look at Edwards Dry Vacuum pumps for the chemical industry. We'll introduce the operating principle of Edwards' dry screw vacuum .

Dry Vacuum Pumps - REPAIR SERVICE - PTB Sales, Inc.

Watch our dry pump video! PTB has been providing vacuum pump refurbishment for dry pumps for almost 20 years. We offer repair services and the widest array of manufacturers and models of dry pumps in North America. Our vacuum pump rebuilds use the highest quality parts and the most thorough rebuild procedures and testing protocols in the industry.

Issue H Original Instruction Manual - Vacuum Pumps, .

1.2 The GV pumps The GV pumps are rugged, reliable dry vacuum pumps designed for general vacuum use The pump is a three-stage, positive displacement rotary pump in which pairs of intermeshing rotors (mounted on common shafts) are held in correct phase relation by a pair of timing-gears. The timing-gears and the adjacent

iH1800 Datasheet -- Edwards Vacuum -- iH Dry Pump .

iH Dry Pump -- iH1800. Supplier's Site. Part Saved . You have successfully added from to your part list. Save Part . Part Name / #: Product Type: Description: Edwards advanced semiconductor vacuum pumps have been field-proven to perform to the highest operating standards. Reliability and high performance are achieved by extending service life .

Vacuum Pump & Extractors Pump Vancouver | Edwards

We can also service and repair your vacuum pumps economically and quickly. View our wide range of industrial pumps. Oil lubricated rotary vane,oil- free dry running Claw, Scroll or Diaphragm pumps to fit your application. Large HP pumps down to portable fractional HP vacuum pumps across six major pump technologies.

EDS Dry Claw Vacuum Pump | Edwards Iberica Vacuum .

The Edwards EDS dry vacuum pump provides fast performance, excellent vacuum levels in a small footprint, and is highly tolerant to contaminants and particles present in the harshest industrial vacuum applications, with low running maintenance costs.

IDX Dry pumps - Edwards

The Edwards IDX dry pumps use the latest screw technology to provide a clean, effluent free vacuum. These pumps offer the ability to handle large volumes of dust and water vapor without any loss of performance while minimizing maintenance requirements and running costs.

Repair Kits and Parts for Edwards Vacuum Pumps | Precision .

A leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and abatement technology for nearly 100 years. Product range includes turbo pumps, industrial and process pumps and dry pumps. Edwards also offer Vacuum Pump Service, repairs and maintenance, refurbished pumps and spare parts worldwide. Edwards Vacuum support a broad spectrum of applications - from laboratory to the most demanding .

CDX1000 dry vacuum pump - Pump repair | Pumps supply

Edwards CDX1000 represents the next generation of dry pump technology. The CDX1000 is a double- ended screw mechanism for the chemical process, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

GXS Dry Pumps Brochure - Edwards Vacuum

EDWARDS GXS Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Customised solutions for your application Whether you require a single pump, pump and booster combination or complete vacuum system, we have a range of pumps designed to provide optimal performance in a wide range of applications. Following are some typical applications where GXS is used.

Buy a Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump - Edwards nXDS10iC - Lab Society

A smart, dry scroll vacuum pump. The nXDS dry scroll vacuum pump (produced by Edwards) is a pump that uses two spiral scrolls to compress gasses.. The gasses are then directed towards the exhaust. These pumps can have a higher outlay initially, but they can offset the upfront amount with cost savings down the road.