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Selecting a Suitable Chiller for Your Rotary Evaporator .

A chiller is an important part of many rotovap setups as it's responsible for cooling the coolant that flows through the condenser. It's possible to avoid purchasing a chiller, for example by using a dry ice condenser or juryrigging your own chiller, but in most cases, a suitable chiller will be needed.. When shopping for an appropriate chiller for your setup, the most important factors to .

Recirculating Chillers | McMaster-Carr

Provide constant, uniform cooling to water or glycol solutions used in temperature-sensitive equipment, such as spot-welding systems, molds, lasers, and X-ray diffraction equipment. Adjust the set temperature with the keypad. Btu/hr. cooling capacity is based on a 68° F liquid temperature and an 80° F room temperature. Chillers for closed-loop systems have an internal tank to ensure liquid .

Recirculating Chillers and Cooled Water Baths - discounted .

The Grant RC3000G recirculating chiller is ideal for these applications. The RC3000G chiller provides a constant flow at a precise, repeatable temperature and can operate at temperatures as low as -10°C. This eliminates the use of mains water, minimise scaling and corrosion of the equipment being cooled.

Summary Water Circulator (Chiller) & Cold Trap

(water type liquid) 4L BRO-WCCT-201706 Water Circulator & Cold Trap Summary Exhaust In combination with a rotary evaporator Exhaust CF301+RE601+CA301+Vacuum pump Water Circulator (Chiller) Supplies a source of temperature controlled fluid, typically water, which removes heat from a process Purpose Keeps water in the condenser .

Rack Mount Chiller | SMC Corporation of America

Air cooling frees the installation from dependence on facility cooling water. This model achieves high precision regulation of recirculating coolant using an air-cooled peltier element. This device is self-contained with peltier regulating element, fan cooled heat exchanger, pump, tank and power supply.

Henan Lanphan - Rotary evaporator-lab instrument

Related equipment: crystallization reactor, high and low temperature circulating equipment, chiller, vacuum pump Service List Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd, a professional science equipment manufacturer with over 10 years experiences on producing and selling vacuum evaporator.

Circulating Chiller - Rotary Evaporator(Motor Lift) - Yuan .

Circulation Pump Optional: 35L/min 2.5bar 50L/min 2.5bar 110L/min 2.5bar: Optional: SUS304 material: Optional: Pressure max. 6 bar circulating pump: Optional Power: 220V 60HZ three-phases, 440V~480V 60HZ three-phases: Remark: Can make the bigger capacity of water storage as required.

Recirculating Water Cooled Chiller | BV Thermal Systems

About Recirculating Water-Cooled Chillers. The Recirculating Water Cooled Chiller from BV Thermal Systems is designed designed to optimize the condenser to minimize water usage while circulating a fluid medium between +5° to +35°C and is utilized extensively in the laser and semiconductor industry.

Circulating Chiller - Rotary Evaporator(Hand Lift) - Yuan .

Adopt full closed circulation design, no water vapor at low temperature and ensure the purity of cooling medium in case of ice crystals, provide a long time life of heat transfer liquid. High-performance circulating pump, can guarantee 24 hours' continuously running a day. Use plate cool-heat-exchanger, heat transfer efficiency is provided.

Low Temperature Circulation Chiller, Refrigerated .

Low Temperature Circulation Chiller, Refrigerated Circulators temperature reach -25°C, -30°C, -40°C, -50°C, -60°C, -80°C, -100°C, -120°C and etc. Closed Cycle Cooling Machine, CE ISO certificated.

Water Baths, Circulators & Chillers | Thermo Fisher .

Water bath, circulator, and chiller categories Water Baths Our microprocessor-controlled water baths provide superior temperature uniformity. A seamless-stainless steel interior chamber and epoxy-coated exterior make them resistant to corrosion and chemical damage.

China Rotary Evaporator manufacturer, Chiller, Drying Oven .

Jun 19, 2020 · Rotary evaporator, vacuum pump, vacuum evaporator, glass reactor, circulating pump. We provide customers with the best selection specifically tailored for your needs about laboratory instruments. Our CE certificated products have been sold to over 30 countries and areas, widely applied in chemical engineering, pharmacy and food industries .

Recirculating Chiller - Buy Online from Lab Society

Through recirculating its internal coolant, this system eliminates the need for ice, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen. The recirculating chiller that saves you money. These units will save you money – no longer will you have to spend on constantly circulating fresh water in and out. These pumps recirculate the water, eliminating ongoing costs.

Portable Cooling water circulation machine, water chiller .

Cooling water circulation machine, water chiller, Recirculating Chillers, Cycle cooler manufacturer & supplier, used for analysis instruments, medical, industry fields +86-731-82283846 My Account

Circulating Cool Water Vest Systems and Accessories .

The lightweight and effective Cool Flow ® Circulating Water Sy stem is a proven solution to heat stress in difficult environments. Our System uses NASA-developed technology to cool the body with chilled water circulated through a network of small diameter tubing. This system offers the highest level of personal cooling for tough applications.

Compact Liquid Chiller - Rigid Cooling

This concept eliminates the need for a water cooling loop (water pump, reservoir and associated tubing) resulting in a greatly simplified cooling system. The micro LCM serves as a source of chilled water for circulation through liquid pipes. The chilled. water of the pipes has direct contact with the heat producing source to to take away the heat.

5L Circulator Chiller Recirculating Chiller -10°C ~ 99°C .

5L -10°C Recirculating Chiller This is a professional recirculating chiller that is quiet yet pumps efficiently. It is designed for 35L/min high flow rate and provides a low-temperature liquid & water bath. It combines cooling water and recirculating together.

CW4000 Water Chiller Unit | HPC Laser

HPC LASER (LASERSCRIPT) CW4000 chiller unit suitable for water cooled co2 laser tubes. Ideal for heavier production or in warm environment, will protect your tube and keep your beam accurate! The cw4000 unit contains refrigerator gases and actively cools the recirculating water circulating Filling The cw4000 has a capacity of 3.2 litres and should be filled to just above the cooling coils .

Liquid(water) Circulating Rotary Chillers For Sale - Buy .

Liquid(water) Circulating Rotary Chillers For Sale, Find Complete Details about Liquid(water) Circulating Rotary Chillers For Sale,Rotary Chiller,Water Circulating Rotary Chiller,Liquid Circulating Chillers For Sale from Chilling Equipment Supplier or Manufacturer-Shanghai Yuanhuai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Compact Recirculating Chillers – 0- 3400 BTU

Mini - 1700 BTU Recirculating Chiller. Compact Recirculating Chillers – 0 - 3400 BTU. Laboratory Recirculating Chillers 3500 – 10500 BTU. Precision Industrial Recirculating Chillers 11000 - 47700 BTU. Standard Options . Hexid Heat Transfer Fluids. Thermoelectric Cooling Devices. Custom Chillers. Water to Water Heat Exchangers and Air Blast .

Air-Cooled Series R™ Helical-Rotary Liquid Chiller

Helical-Rotary Chiller is the result of a search for higher reliability, higher energy efficiency, and lower sound levels for today's environment. In an effort to reduce energy consumed by HVAC equipment and to continually produce chilled water, Trane has developed the Model RTAC chiller with higher efficiencies and a more reliable design .

Recirculating Chillers | Thermo Fisher Scientific - US

Versatile, dependable chillers provide years of cooling capability for critical applications that require large process cooling. Our innovative designs combine flexible configurations with reliable, easy-to-use interfaces that ensure years of operation and meet your need for high-quality results.

Recirculating Water Chiller at Thomas Scientific

The efficient way of cooling The Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-308 / F-314 are specifically designed to work with laboratory equipment such as rotary evaporators, parallel evaporators, Kjeldahl, and extraction products. You benefit from convenient central temperature setting, energy-saving.

Heidolph 20L Rotary Evaporator VC3000 Chiller - Save Money .

Hei-Chill3 Chiller 050000100 Undersized or inefficient chillers can be a weak link in rotary evaporation or vacuum distillation performance. On less expensive models, be sure to compare performance data of the included chiller. The HeiChill3 Chiller is made in Germany and has a cooling .

Product Catalog Series R® Helical Rotary Liquid Chillers

RLC-PRC029J-EN 5 Features and Benefits † Water to water heat pump – For multi-chiller systems where there is a base or year-round heating load the RTWD can be used as a water side heat pump by utilizing ground or surface water as a heat source.

Air-Cooled Series R™ Helical-Rotary Liquid Chiller

Helical-Rotary Chiller is the result of a search for higher reliability, higher energy efficiency, and lower sound levels for today's environment. In an effort to reduce energy consumed by HVAC equipment and to continually produce chilled water, Trane has developed the Model RTAC chiller with higher efficiencies and a more reliable design .

Recirculating Chillers - Circulator Chiller Latest Price .

Find here Recirculating Chillers, Circulator Chiller manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Recirculating Chillers, Circulator Chiller, Recirculating Water Chiller across India.

China 20L New Type Rotary Evaporator with Chiller and .

Standing, main+ auxiliary cooling and highly efficient 3 circulating coldtrap: Condenser (square meter) Main: 0.8 auxiliary: 0.39: Rotary bottle (L) 20: Rotary bottle: 20L,diameter of flange opening:Φ125mm: Collecting bottle (L) 10: Collecting bottle: Double sealing rings made of Teflon + Vinton materials: Water Bath size(mm) Φ450×260: Water .

RC Recirculating Chillers | Grant Instruments

The Grant RC recirculating chillers are ideal for these applications. Before water became an expensive commodity tap water was frequently used as a source of powerful, high pressure cooling. Unlike tap water, RC chillers provide a constant flow at a precise, repeatable temperature and can operate at temperatures as low as -10°C.

Water Chillers | LabTech

Most of the water used as coolant unfortunately is not recycled, causing higher and higher laboratory costs and wasting a precious natural resource. LabTech offers a complete line of recirculating water chillers to virtually match all laboratory needs with 10 models featuring temperatures from -20 to 35°C and cooling capacities from 500W to 9000W.