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Photobioreactors — PureBiomass Inc

PhotoBioreactors. PureBiomass has the technology to resolve issues associated with algae production. Our proprietary photo-bioreactor produces higher yield of biomass per footprint area while dramatically reducing reactor contamination, reducing water use, eliminating an active cooling system, and increasing overall scale, which is easier to use and maintain.

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Algae fuel, algal biofuel, or algal oil is an alternative to liquid fossil fuels that uses algae as its source of energy-rich oils. Also, algae fuels are an alternative to commonly known biofuel sources, such as corn and sugarcane. When made from seaweed (macroalgae) it can be known as seaweed fuel or seaweed oil.. Several companies and government agencies are funding efforts to reduce capital .

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The successful design and scale-up of these photo-bioreactors is a key to the production of high-value products using microalgae [92]. For successful design and scale-up of a bubble column photo-bioreactor, it is necessary to develop at least a phenomenological model that captures the interactions of the key parameters [93–95] .

Design principles of photo-bioreactors for cultivation of .

A typical photo-bioreactor is a three phase system, namely the liquid phase which is the medium, the cells as the solid phase, and a gas phase. Light which is the unique feature of photo-reactors is a superimposed radiation field, sometimes but not uniquely called a .

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Mixing the algae ensures that all of the algae cells are exposed to the light and nutrients. Mixing also prevents temperature gradients from forming in outdoor bioreactors. Most strains of algae prefer a temperature range between 20 and 24 deg C, although temperatures between .

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Bioreactors. A bioreactor is a system in which biological processes are used to cause a conversion of materials within the system. The bioreactor is designed to contain and control organisms that .

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The photo bioreactor can be operated for very prolonged periods without cultures crashing, facilitated by a patented tube self-cleaning mechanism involving special technology. The system typically operates at densities of 10 to 15 times that of conventional culture methods, and is therefore more productive. .

Algae Photo-Bioreactor – materiability

Algae Photo-Bioreactor. growing algae biomass as an alternative source of energy. This tutorial explains how to construct a DIY version of a photo-bioreactor which will use solar energy and artificial lighting with carbon dioxide to produce algae biomass. The aim of this is to create a model which harbours an ecosystem fit to help us escape a .

IKA Photo Bioreactors

By using the IKA photo bioreactors, the cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms such as microalgae or cyanobacteria are, under carefully controlled conditions in a closed system, easily possible. Closed systems are particularly interesting in the field of research where a high microbial purity level has to be reached and contamination risks have to be reduced to a minimum.

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It is a totally enclosed system with several major advantages as the bioreactor can prevent contamination (from other algae species and bugs), and allows easier cultivation of one algae strain. It also offers better control over a range of other growing conditions, like the .

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Apr 29, 2018 · Photobioreactors 1. PRODUCTION OF ALGAE USING PHOTO BIOREACTORS. Development of suitable photobioreactor for algae production – A review R.N. Singh, Shaishav Sharma∗ School of Energy and Environment Studies, Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Takshashila Campus, Khandwa Road, Indore-452001, India By: S.Nandini Parkavi 15bbt028 III- Year (Bio Tech) 1


Apr 23, 2007 · Earth Day Inventgeek project. The DIY home Photo Bio Reactor. Remove CO2 from the air!

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The PBR102-F™ is the next generation indoor photo bioreactor for outdoor algae production ponds, large-scale bioreactors, and teaching tools for algae laboratories. The PBR102-F is a fully programmable instrument that includes the FSL200 Full Spectrum light that simulates the colors of sunlight and promotes algae growth.

DASGIP® PhotoBioreactor - Vessels, Bioprocess - Eppendorf US

Industry-standard autoclavable bioreactors with working volumes of 350 mL – 1.0 L and 750 mL – 2.6 L; Direct overhead drives with 30 – 1,250 rpm (100 – 1,600 rpm optional), pitched-blade impellers; Industry-standard sensors available for precise monitoring and control .

BioHacking - Photo Bio Reactor - Spirulina by Timea Szocs .

BioHacking - Photo Bio Reactor - improved Spirulina production (?) PBR Sustainability - a closed cyle - GIVING VALUE TO WASTE COMPONENTS: DESIGN - derived from: VERMICOMPOSTING - VERTICAL GARDEN - SPIRULINA GROWTH - KOMBUCHA - TIBICUS Light - internally - .

(PDF) Photobioreactor Design and Fluid Dynamics

Background Flat-panel photo-bioreactors (PBRs) are customarily applied for investigating growth of microalgae. Optimal design and operation of such reactors is still a challenge due to complex non .

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178 Bioreactor stock pictures and images Browse 178 bioreactor stock photos and images available, or search for pharmaceutical manufacturing or biotechnology to find more great stock photos .

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The Bioreactors – Fermenters of the I series are highly automated fermentation systems, available from 250 liters up to 30 m 3, (8.8-1,060 cu. ft.), fully customized.The control system technology permits the linking of several units by ETHERNET, for the eventual connection to the supervision system.

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Download this Bioreactor photo now. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Biotechnology photos available for quick and easy download.

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Photo Bioreactor. FMT 150 Photo Bioreactor. The FMT 150 is a flat panel photo bioreactor for the study of growth parameters for photoautotrophic microorganisms. Its allows the precise characterisation of cultivation parameters such as irradiance levels, temperature, pH and gas composition.


PSI Photobioreactors are used for precise phototrophic cultivation of algae and cyanobacteria. They feature a unique combination of the cultivator and monitoring device.

Photo Bioreactors - Solida Biotech

It is a totally enclosed system with several major advantages as the bioreactor can prevent contamination (from other algae species and bugs), and allows easier cultivation of one algae strain. It also offers better control over a range of other growing conditions, like the .

GICON® Photobioreactor: GICON Advanced Environmental .

The GICON ® Photobioreactor - also called the Christmas tree reactor due to its truncated conical shape - provides optimum light supply due to its geometry. Self-shading of algae is prevented and light incidence is maximized by allowing variable angles of radiation. The system is oriented towards pharmaceutical and food applications, which prefer tubular reactors.

DASGIP® PhotoBioreactor - Vessels, Bioprocess - Eppendorf .

Industry-standard autoclavable bioreactors with working volumes of 350 mL – 1.0 L and 750 mL – 2.6 L; Direct overhead drives with 30 – 1,250 rpm (100 – 1,600 rpm optional), pitched-blade impellers

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7- P: Photo Bioreactor/ S:Solid / C: Cellular responses. A wide range of options and accessories to meet your specific requirements. Four impeller options provide flexibility to grow a wide variety of cell lines (More options on request): 1. Rushton impeller for standard fermentation applications. 2. .

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May 11, 2007 · An algae photobioreactor on the roof of MIT university. The clear polycarbonate tubes are approx 3 meters high, and 10-20 centimeters in diameter. It removes upto .

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APPLIKON BIOTECHNOLOGY BIO-REACTOR/FERMENTER VESSEL 338W 110V HEATING BLANKET. 139.00. 19.98 shipping. or Best Offer. Only 1 left! Watch. New Brunswick Microfirm Fermentor MF-105 BIOREACTOR. 995.00. or Best Offer. Watch. New Brunswick M1273-9909 Q508800 Bioreactor Fermantation Repl. Glass Vessel. 499.99. Free shipping.

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NeoCarbons™ designs, builds, and sells patent pending innovative photo bioreactors. NeoCarbons™ is partnering with engineering organizations for the industrial plant design and construction.

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Mar 16, 2015 · A bioreactor is an installation for the production of microorganisms outside their natural but inside an artificial environment. The prefix "photo" particularly describes the bio-reactor's property to cultivate phototrophic microorganisms, or organisms which grow on by utilizing light energy.

An Algae Bioreactor From Recycled Water Bottles : 7 Steps .

An Algae Bioreactor From Recycled Water Bottles: In this instructable, we describe how to build a photo-bioreactor that uses algae to convert carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy. The energy that is produced is in the form of algae biomass. The photo-bioreactor is built from plastic recycle.