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EXC-800 Portable 800W Recirculating Liquid Chiller, 110VAC .

Koolance's EXC-800 is a portable recirculating liquid chiller rated at 800W, or 2730 BTU/hr (@25°C liquid & ambient). Chiller control is based on one of four configurable temperature set-points, including the option to lock liquid to ambient for avoiding condensation or to an external K-type thermocouple sensor (not included).

Chillers and Coolers | PolyScience

Digital Water Baths; Chillers & Coolers; Benchtop Chillers (0.4 – 1.3 kW cooling) DuraChill Portable Chillers (0.7 – 2.9 kW cooling) High Capacity Chillers (6 – 33 kW cooling) Recirculating Coolers (non-refrigerated) Low Temperature Coolers ; Immersion Probe Style; Flow Through Style; Fluids & Accessories; Circulating Bath Accessories

Recirculating Chillers | Thermo Fisher Scientific - US

For critical applications that require large-batch process cooling, a recirculating chiller offers a versatile, dependable investment, ensuring years of steady, reliable operation. Thermo Scientific recirculating chillers support a variety of applications, from lab bench to large manufacturing processes.

Cooling Capacity of Recirculating Chillers | Blog .

Sep 23, 2019 · Manufacturer specifications for the H50-500 Recirculating Water Chiller. The cooling capacity of a chiller decreases with the set temperature. When the setpoint is lower, there is a smaller temperature differential between the refrigerant and chiller liquid. As a result, there is less efficient heat transfer, which translates to decreased .

Recirculating water chillers for precision temperature control

Water chillers. We are now offering a choice of ATC's compact and robust recirculating Chillers from 480W through to 14kW cooling capacity. ATC's chillers .

Thermo Neslab RTE 7 Circulating Chiller | Marshall Scientific

Thermo Neslab RTE 7 Circulating Chiller. The Thermo Neslab RTE 7 chiller bath circulator is a Digital ONE Model. The RTE 7 has a temperature range of -25°C to +150°C and a flow rate of 15L/min. This chiller utilizes a force/suction pump and features a stainless steel bath that has a capacity of about 7 liters (1.9 gallons).

VWR® Recirculating Chillers, -10° to +40°C | VWR

Chillers are equipped with large, dual displays, which present temperature and pressure or flow rate simultaneously An economical alternative to tap water cooling, these Recirculating Chillers reduce water consumption, while the patented WhisperCool® Environmental Control System reduces noise levels below conversational speech at a distance to .

Compact Recirculating Chillers – 0- 3400 BTU

Mini - 1700 BTU Recirculating Chiller. Compact Recirculating Chillers – 0 - 3400 BTU. Laboratory Recirculating Chillers 3500 – 10500 BTU. Precision Industrial Recirculating Chillers 11000 - 47700 BTU. Standard Options . Hexid Heat Transfer Fluids. Thermoelectric Cooling Devices. Custom Chillers. Water to Water Heat Exchangers and Air Blast .

Recirculating Chiller - The Lab World Group

We sell a variety of Recirculating Chiller systems from manufacturer such as Julabo, Thermo Scientific, Polyscience, Neslab, VWR and many more. Each recirculating water chiller comes fully tested and backed by our standard warranty. Recirculating Chiller for Rotary Evaporator system also available along with recirculating water chiller systems

Water Recirculating Chillers for sale

5L Circulator Chiller Recirculating Chiller Lab -30°C Cooling 10L/min Flow ±1°C 1,359.98 5L/6L Circulator Chiller Recirculating Chiller -30°C ~ 99°C Heated/Refrigerated

Recirculating Coolers | JULABO USA, Inc.

AWC100 Compact Recirculating Coolers Compact models for applications requiring little cooling performance. JULABO's Air to Water Recirculating Cooler AWC100 is an extremely compact solution, designed to remove small heat loads from external systems such as from Peltier-elements.

: water chiller

Active Aqua AACH10HP Water Chiller Cooling System, 1/10 HP, Rated per hour: 1,020 BTU, User-Friendly,Black 4.3 out of 5 stars 156 North Slope Chillers - NSC0250-FROST 1/4 Ton/HP Light-Duty Portable Industrial Glycol Chiller, 1.5 Gallon Reservoir Capacity, 3.5 GPM Max


Chillers come with our Kodiak Value Package that includes an external flow valve, remote start, 0.1° setpoint, and air and water filter. If you can't find a chiller that meets your requirements Request A quote or call an Applications Engineer at 1-781-933-7300.

Antibodies & Protein Biology - Fisher Scientific

Optimized for the most demanding applications, Thermo Scientific™ ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers are reliable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain. The ThermoFlex platform was developed with customer input from concept to design. This high-performance platform is configurable to .

Thermo M25 Neslab Chiller - YouTube

Feb 10, 2016 · Thermo M25 Neslab Recirculating Chiller on sale at The Lab World Group, a seller of used lab equipment.

Recirculating Chillers - Circulator Chiller Wholesaler .

Find here Recirculating Chillers, Circulator Chiller wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers in India. Get contact details & address of companies engaged in wholesale trade, manufacturing and supplying Recirculating Chillers, Circulator Chiller, Recirculating Water Chiller across India.

Recirculators & Chillers - Recirculating Chillers - For .

Also, the speed and accuracy of production can increase as you maintain a constant and proper cooling temperature in the equipment. For all your chilling needs requiring high stability with a wide variety of temperature control, select from our extensive range of recirculating chillers. .

Recirculating Water Chillers Manufacturers | Recirculating .

The recirculating chillers are designed to handle high cooling capacities. These chillers operate in the temperature range from +5ºC to atmosphere and have built in high pressure pump. These chillers are useful to cool other instruments which generate heat. Viz. Lasers, Furnaces, XRD, etc., Graphite Furnace, Fermenters, Thermal Instruments .

Recirculating Chillers and Heaters - Across International

Across International supplies lab equipment in the areas of heat treatment & material processing for universities, labs etc. We manufacture drying ovens, rotary .

Recirculating Water Chiller at Thomas Scientific

The source of the chilled fluid can be as simple as a dewar of ice water or as sophisticated as an AC powered recirculating chiller bath. The removal of heat from the objective is more difficult than heating because you are limited by the thermal.

Recirculating Chillers | Boyd Corporation

Recirculating Chillers are designed for precise temperature control or cooling below ambient temperatures. Compressor-based recirculating chillers offer outstanding performance and high reliability as well as quiet operation and ease-of-use. Components inside the chiller have been performance-matched for quiet operation.

Water Recirculator at Thomas Scientific

.systems, plasma etching and jacketed reactors. This system can also be used as a replacement to tap water cooling in laboratory applications. Ai C30 are compressor-based recirculating chillers that offer outstanding performance and high reliability as well as quiet operation and ease-of-use..

Water Recirculating Chillers for sale

New Listing Riedel PC31.02-KE Air-Cooled Recirculating Chiller 400/460VAC, 3Ph, 5.4A

Recirculating Chillers | WaterBaths.net

Recirculating chillers don't have an internal bath, but rather continuously pump water or other fluids through their system in order to cool it for external cooling applications. If you want a device that has both an accessible internal bath and can pump fluid from the bath externally, then you want a circulator with external pumping capability.

Recirculating Chillers | McMaster-Carr

Provide constant, uniform cooling to water or glycol solutions used in temperature-sensitive equipment, such as spot-welding systems, molds, lasers, and X-ray diffraction equipment. Adjust the set temperature with the keypad. Btu/hr. cooling capacity is based on a 68° F liquid temperature and an 80° F room temperature. Chillers for closed-loop systems have an internal tank to ensure liquid .

FC Chiller | JULABO USA, Inc.

FC Chiller Chiller for heating and cooling tasks. The recirculating coolers of the FC series are characterized by an increased working temperature range thanks to their integrated heating. They operate very precisely with a temperature stability of ±0.2 °C.

Thermo M25 Neslab Chiller - YouTube

Feb 09, 2016 · Thermo M25 Neslab Recirculating Chiller on sale at The Lab World Group, a seller of used lab equipment.

Water Chillers | McMaster-Carr

Other Water Chillers. Welding Water Coolers. Cool welding guns and torches with these recirculating coolers. Coolants for Welding Water Coolers. Weld longer without damaging your torch .

Recirculating Water Cooled Chiller | BV Thermal Systems

About Recirculating Water-Cooled Chillers. The Recirculating Water Cooled Chiller from BV Thermal Systems is designed designed to optimize the condenser to minimize water usage while circulating a fluid medium between +5° to +35°C and is utilized extensively in the laser and semiconductor industry.

Recirculating Chillers and Heaters - Across International

Across International supplies lab equipment in the areas of heat treatment & material processing for universities, labs etc. We manufacture drying ovens, rotary .