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Used Reactors Inventory - Search Stainless Steel Reactors .

Description: 750 Gallon, 316 SS, vertical reactor with a 316 SS 1/2 pipe coil jacket. Manufactured by Baeuerle & Morris. serial # 25259-8, NB # 301 Vessel rated for FV/30 psi at 354 degrees F. Jacket rated for FV/125psi at 354 degrees.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab Equipment - Packed Bed .

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab Equipment. Our product range includes a wide range of packed bed reactor, computer controlled packed bed reactor, combined flow reactor, isothermal semi batch reactor, liquid phase chemical reactor and isothermal batch reactor.

Fluidization: A Unit Operation in Chemical Engineering

Fluidization: UnitOperations 5 diameter D e and sphericity factor Φ s account for the details of the particle size and shape; for a spherical particle, the sphericity equals one and the equivalent diameter is simply the diameter of the sphere.2 For a homogeneous bed of monodisperse particles, the voidage ξ is the same throughout

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Stirred and fixed-bed design. Automated Lab Reactors. Chemical reactors, from research to pilot scale – Glass or pressure reactors with data-logging & computer control. Find out more. Bioreactors. Flexible and adaptable bioreactors for microbial or cell culture applications. Vessel sizes from 100 ml to 20 L, single and multi-reactor systems.

Fixed-bed, slow pyrolysis reactor — Department of Green .

Lab and Services; Fixed-bed, slow pyrolysis reactor × Fixed-bed, slow pyrolysis reactor Description. Vertical packed bed reactor, externally heated by a tube furnace and flushing gas preheater. PID temperature control to maximum 800 °C. Reactor volume is ca. 250 ml, typically allowing for 150 g of biomass to be pyrolysed.


Fixed bed reactor data sheet 9. Fluid phase splitter data sheet 10. Fired heater data sheet 11. Shell and tube heat exchanger data sheet 12. Vapor-liquid contacting column data sheet 13. Effluent summary data sheet G-1. G-2 APPENDIX G EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATION (DATA) SHEETS.

Fixed Bed Reactor Unit | Durga Technology Corporation .

Fixed Bed Reactor Unit This equipment is used for various applications such as Catalyst testing, oxidation, reforming, hydrogenation, Liquefaction, Fischer-Tropsch process, hydro .

Lab Scale Fixed-Bed Reactor for Operando X-Ray Absorption .

Lab Scale Fixed-Bed Reactor for Operando X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy for Structure Activity Studies of Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts Santhosh Kumar Matam • O. Korsak • L. Bocher • D. Logvinovich • P. Hug • A. Weidenkaff • D. Ferri Published online: 7 September 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011

Catalyst Testing Versatile unit - Laboratory and field .

This modular equipment is designed to test heterogeneous catalysts in fixed or fluidized bed reactors under hydrogen or air/oxygen flow. The reactor can be CSTR or fixed bed at the customer's discretion and specific options such as purification, additional reactor, heat tracing, high pressure separation, high performance stripper, gas .

Moving Bed Reactors - Chemical Engineering

Moving bed reactors are catalytic reactors in which the catalyst moves through the reactor along with the reactants. They are open systems and operate at steady state . The animation below shows the operation of a moving-bed reactor. Reactants (green) and catalyst (white) enter the top of the reactor and move through the vessel.

Flexible Fixed Bed Heat | Integrated Lab Solutions

Flexible Fixed Bed Heat Transfer Study Reactor from ILS. ILS has developed a flexible, variable-diameter fixed-bed testing unit for studying heat-transfer in fixed-bed reactors for gas and vapor-phase reactions. 1″ to 4″ outer-diameter reactors can be tested making it possible to study both small- and large-scale particles.

ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions High Throughput Gas Phase .

Mar 06, 2014 · The 16-parallel gas-phase and supercritical fixed-bed reactor system from ILS Integrated Lab Solutions is a powerful tool for performing heterogeneous catalyst development and process optimization.

5410 Fluidized Bed Reactors - Parr Instrument Company

Fluidized Bed Reactors Parr Fluidized Bed Reactors are used extensively in the chemical process industries. The distinguishing feature of a fluidized bed reactor is that the bed of solid particles or catalyst is supported by an up flow of gas. This reactor provides easy loading and removal of catalyst. This is advantageous when the solids [.]


velocity, and; (3) Behavior of the expanded bed. (1) Relationship between pressure drop and flow rate The flow of a fluid, either liquid or gas, through a static packed bed can be described in a quantitative manner by defining a bed friction factor, f p, and a particle Reynolds number, N Re,p, as follows: r (e) f e − ∆ ≡ 1 2 3 V L pg D f .

Design of fixed bed catalytic reactors

which is important in the design procedure for any fixed-bed catalytic reactor. A bed of catalyst pellets is generally considered as if it were a continuous homogeneous media, and the physical properties of the packed bed or system are assigned values on the basis of a weighted average of each of the individual constituents making up the system.

Gasification Systems | netl.doe.gov

The DOE Gasification Systems Program is developing innovative modular designs for converting diverse types of coal into clean synthesis gas to enable the low-cost production of electricity, transportation fuels, chemicals, hydrogen, and other useful products to suit market needs. Advancements in this area will help enable advanced power generation and other syngas-based technologies to be .

IKA Laboratory Reactors Reactor Systems

IKA lab reactors are the ultimate systems when it comes to optimizing and reproducing chemical reaction, mixing, dispersing, and homogenization processes on a lab scale. The lab reactors can be individually customized to perform numerous tasks, including: production of crèmes and lotions, and the grinding and disintegrating of solids and fibers in liquids or polymers.

Pressure Vessels: Parker Autoclave Engineers Research

Kuentzel (Tube) Fixed Bed Reactors. High flow tube reactor with 1" (25.4 mm) ID for fixed bed catlyst research • A standard high pressure laboratory high flow, packed catalyst reactor • Temperature ratings up to 1,202°F (650°C) • 316SS material • Capacity range (103 - 193 cm3)

Fixed and Fluidized Beds

Fixed Bed. At high enough velocities fluid drag plus buoyancy overcomes the gravity force and the bed expands. Fluidized Bed. Low Velocity High Velocity p for Increasing u0 Until onset of fluidization p increases, then becomes constant. Bed Length for Increasing u0 L is constant until onset of fluidization and then begins to increase.

Microactivity Reactor | Modular Laboratory System .

Fixed Bed Reactor. The PID/Particulate Systems Effi Microreactor, is a highly-advanced modular laboratory system for measuring the activity and selectivity of catalysts. The Effi Microreactor has been developed to help save time and resources at both the catalyst development stage and the factory report process during the screening.

Introduction to Fluidization - AIChE

bed reactor with fresh catalyst. In addition, reactors can be coupled such that the catalyst can be cycled and regenerated; the FCC circulating fluidized-bed reactor is based on this advantage. Thus, the benefits of using fluidized-bed technology can easily outweigh .

Lab Jacketed Glass 200l Fixed Bed Reactor - Buy 200l Fixed .

Lab jacketed glass 200l fixed bed reactor The 200l fixed bed reactor have been widely used in chemical reaction, combination, separation and concentration. It also can provide excellent mixing in the pilot batch reactor under atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressure.

Pressure vessel manufacturer | High pressure reactor

For the past 40 years, Amar Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has built its reputation on supplying high quality pressure reactors (ranging from 100 ltr to 2000 ltr), high pressure autoclaves (50 ml to 100 ltr), customized pressure vessels, fixed bed tubular reactors, fluidized bed reactor systems, packed bed tubular reactors, super critical fluid extraction units, Glass reactors, magnetic drives/couplings .

CO2 Absorption in a Lab-Scale Fixed Solid Bed Reactor .

The CO2 absorption in a lab-scale fixed solid bed reactor filled with different solid sorbents has been studied under different operative conditions regarding temperature (20-200°C) and input gas .

Used Reactors Inventory - Search Stainless Steel Reactors .

Description: 750 Gallon, 316 SS, vertical reactor with a 316 SS 1/2 pipe coil jacket. Manufactured by Baeuerle & Morris. serial # 25259-8, NB # 301 Vessel rated for FV/30 psi at 354 degrees F. Jacket rated for FV/125psi at 354 degrees.

REACTION_LAB1-v3-1 - CHEN 3010 Reaction Engineering Lab-1 .

Lab 1: Armfields – Exercise A Group 8-6 Introduction There are many types of reactor in chemical processes. Such as continuous stirred reactors (CSTR), batch reactors (BR) and packed bed reactors (PBR). Each of type of reactor has different interaction amount reactants and result in different products. The catalytic reactor consisting of three packed bed reactors (two chemical reactors and .

Series 4540 High Pressure Reactors, 600 & 1200 mL - Parr .

The thicker walls required for higher operating pressures reduce the volumes of these reactors to 600 and 1200 mL. These reactors can be used in either the bench top or floor stand mountings. While the 1200 mL reactor is offered as a fixed head bench top model; it is too tall and too heavy to be handled comfortably on a standard height bench top.

Flexible Fixed Bed Heat Transfer Study Reactor from ILS .

May 07, 2019 · ILS has developed a flexible, variable-diameter fixed-bed testing unit for studying heat-transfer in fixed-bed reactors for gas and vapor-phase reactions. 1" to 4" outer-diameter reactors .

Fluidized bed reactor - Wikipedia

A fluidized bed reactor (FBR) is a type of reactor device that can be used to carry out a variety of multiphase chemical reactions. In this type of reactor, a fluid (gas or liquid) is passed through a solid granular material (usually a catalyst possibly shaped as tiny spheres) at high enough speeds to suspend the solid and cause it to behave as though it were a fluid.

Catalyst bed dilution for improving catalyst wetting in .

The catalyst bed dilution technique has found rather widespread applications as a means of producing reliable and reproducible results for successful scale‐up and scale‐down when testing commercially used catalyst particle sizes and alternative feedstocks in small‐scale laboratory trickle‐bed reactors.